Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Since Friday night I have been on an incredible run of good luck.
The Yankees lost.
The Phillies lost.
Syracuse won (best win for the program in at least 5 years).
The Redskins won.
Cain Velazquez won (and I got to see the whole thing for free, and live).

It's a great time for me sportswise.
Not to mention today is the 24th anniversary of the greatest day of my life.
The day my three favorite words in the English language were first uttered together:



Denny Hamlin said...

What about me? I won at Martinsville and am only 6 points behind Jimmie Johnson.

If I win the Chase, you get a $130 check from the Venetian thanks to your shrewd bet in April.

RoachSU said...

I hate those three words