Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Mike Scott Situation

In the 1986 NLCS the Mets won games 2, 3 and 5 by beating Nolan Ryan and Bob Knepper. They lost Games 1 and 4 against Mike Scott. So in Game 6 when the Mets were losing 3-0, their thoughts must have turned to this: if we lose hear, we have to face Mike Scott in Game 6. Perhaps motivated by that fear the Mets scored 3 in the 9th to tie and eventually won in the 16th, making Mike Scott a helpless bystander as the Mets moved on to the World Series.

The Yankees now face a similar quandary for 3 straight games. If the Yankees lose even one more game they guarantee themselves a date with Cliff Lee in Game 7.

Cliff Lee Did Good

Through 8 postseason starts Lee is building the best postseason resume of any starting pitcher ever (the Lee-Rivera debate is unsolvable).

Cliff Lee: 8 GS 3 CG 7 W 0 L 1.26 ERA 67 Ks 64 1/3 innings
Sandy Koufax: 8 GS 4 CG 2 SHO 4 W 3 L 0.95 ERA 61 Ks 57 innings
Bob Gibson: 9 GS 8 CG 2 SHO 7 W 2 L 1.89 ERA 92 Ks 81 innings

A couple of caveats. All of Gibson and Koufax's starts were World Series games. But Lee is playing in an era much more weighted towards the hitter. So I think that even things out pretty well.

Lee can pad his postseason resume in a Game 7 against the Yankees, but I know the Yankees are hoping they can win before it comes to that.


jleary said...

Let's not forget about Schilling.
13-2, 2.23 ERA, 133.1 IP, 19 GS,4CG, 2 SHO, 120K, 25BB, 3 WS Titles....1 bloody sock
He may not be 1st but should be in the agrument

Damino said...

El Duque actually has really stellar postseason stats too, but Schilling and the guys on Paul's list are a cut above.

As a Yankee hater I have this sinking feeling that they are going to win 3 in a row, and the next time Cliff Lee pitches he'll be wearing pinstripes.

The Phillie Phanatic said...

Why the f@ck didn't we re-sign that guy?