Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 6

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
The NFL is moving immediately -- this weekend -- to suspend players who deliver "devastating hits" and "head shots" like the one put on DeSean Jackson by Dunta Robinson. That shot not only knocked out the guy receiving it, but also the guy giving it. Both got concussions and Jackson isn't expected to play this weekend.

Dunta Robinson levels DeSean Jackson

For the years the NFL has taken steps to protect its players but has constantly faced dissent in the form of "it's football, why not put a skirt on." That is a completely wrong-headed and in this case dangerous argument. And it's especially ironic because it often comes from those old-school players who are blasting the union and the league for not taking better care of them when they become vegetables because of the repeated trauma from hits like the ones the NFL is now increasing punishment for. Don't they realize they may not need as much treatment and assistance for brain injuries if they don't get them in the first place?

If the NFL does not take steps like this to protect players from head injury, in the next 10 to 20 years youth participation will plummet and eventually trickle down into an inferior quality of play in the NFL as sensible parents will steer their kids away from football into other sports that won't prematurely age their brains. This health concern is the greatest threat to the NFL's mammoth popularity. And it's high time they stood up to the fossils who are standing in the way of player safety.

Maybe Neither is Making the Playoffs
There was a lot of talk before the Vikings-Cowboys game that it was an elimination game. The loser would not make the playoffs. Well, I think it is now pretty clear that neither is making the playoffs. Both teams were good last year, but as you know, we don't go by last year's stats. The Cowboys are awful (and stupid) and this year's Brett Favre is a lot worse than last year's and even Randy Moss can save a 42-year-old quarterback from experiencing the decline that was inevitable.

A Good Problem to Have
Andy Reid has had to bench his starting quarterback for the hot hand, and now he may have to do it again. While lying through his teeth Reid told us Kevin Kolb would be the starter when he got healthy. He eventually went with Michael Vick. Now he is again saying Vick is his guy, even though Kolb ripped up the Falcons for 326 yards and 3 touchdowns. I think Reid should stick with Vick -- he was that good when healthy -- but Vick's style of play is likely going to get him hurt again, which means they'll need to call on Kolb again.

Garcon, Coffee
Even though it came against my beloved Redskins this one-handed catch by the Colts' Pierre Garcon was too good not to recognize.

Pierre Garcon makes an incredible one-handed catch

Happier About a Loss Than About Two Wins
I actually feel better about the Redskins coming off that loss to the Colts than I did after the wins over Philadelphia and Green Bay. The offense played a lot better, and Ryan Torain looks as if he has strong potential to be a feature back in this league. The defense sucked, but we knew it did. And this time the opposing offense was much better. And they forced three turnovers, something the Redskins have been horrible at doing. But they blew some chances to win this game and I was very disappointed that they couldn't even make a first down when they got the ball back with 2 minutes plus left in the game. But heading into matchups with the Bears and Lions I feel somewhat confident.

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