Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Electronic Road Signs Should Not Be Taken Too Seriously

Normally on this blog I encourage you all to obey any road sign you see, merge left, stop and slippery when wet are especially important to obey.
But here is one road sign you might want to ignore, at least until you get home.

Apparently these electronic road signs are notoriously easy to hack. Actually, I wouldn't even call it hacking if all you have to do is open the panel and type what you want the sign to say, in this case the "hacker" cleverly chose "poop."

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jleary said...

Tall Scott must have seen this sign a few times in his car....and obeyed

Carl Patten said...

Yep, they should not be taken too seriously if they're obviously hacked and rubbish. Hehe! Transportation departments should make some solutions for these hacking incidents. People should not mess with road signs, as it can be really dangerous.