Friday, March 18, 2011


You ever go to a nice buffet and see something you really like, peeled shrimp perhaps. And you're eating them and you're loving it and you're so happy and just when you're pretty much full your friend says "this steak is so good."
And you love steak, but now it's too late, you can't possibly stuff another bite into your mouth.

That's how I felt watching the first games under the new TV coverage policy of having four games on four networks, simultaneously. If you watched one game too long, you might miss another game that is close and exciting, very hard to decide.

But I much prefer this to previous years when I was at the mercy of CBS to switch between exciting finishes. On my own, I was able to catch all the heart-stopping action of the early session.

But here's the problem, I like to DVR games and scan through timeouts. You can't really do that, because if you DVR one game, you're missing three others. And that's what happened last night. The games were blowouts, I was exhausted, I didn't set the DVR for any particular game (and if I had it certainly wouldn't have been UCLA-Michigan State) and I fell asleep and missed a near miracle and another good game in Kansas State.

I guess I shouldn't have filled up on the shrimp.

I'll know better today.

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Paul said...

I forgot to mention how much the staggered start times helped, especially in the afternoon. That is something I have been clamoring for for years.

Also, I feel badly for the tiny minority of people who are sports fans but don't have cable. They don't even have a chance to see these awesome games.