Friday, March 18, 2011

What Kind of Asshole Gets Married During March Madness?

My friend Mike D that's who. And on a Friday night no less.
I will not be watching any games tonight, so no recap. If you have any funny comments or game observations post them in the comments section.
I will not be watching Syracuse until I get home. At 10pm I am giving Mrs. Poop my blackberry and instructing her not to give it to me until I finish watching the game. Bombard me with all the bbms, comments and e-mails you like. I will read them about 3am, if all goes well.

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master bates said...

So sad. My Terriers put up a much better showing than my Johnnies. I waited 9 years for either team to make it back to the tourney and after 2 days its all over.