Thursday, January 08, 2015

Now We Can Call Her Ma'am Again

Sen. Barbara Boxer will not seek a new term when hers expires in 2016.
This seems like a good time to bring up this famous clip:

This has to be one of the pettiest, nastiest things any human being has ever done in such a public forum.
"I worked so hard to get that title."
Oh yeah bitch, he's a fuckin general in the Army. I'm pretty sure that was a harder title to attain.
And by the way, in the military, ma'am is how you show respect for a female superior.

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Reissberg said...

Reminds me of the judge in A Few Good Men...
"Lt. Caffee will refer to the witness as colonel or sir...
The witness will refer to this Court as 'judge' or 'your honor'. I'm quite certain I've earned it. Take a seat, Colonel."