Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Universe Thinks My Art Sucks

As most of you know, The Poops moved into a new house this summer, we actually bought it just a couple days after Mrs. Poop's birthday.
Because we don't normally exchange big gifts, and we were spending a lot of money on the house, repairs, additional furnishings etc, I decided a gift heavy on sentiment, light on cost would be ideal.

So I drew Mrs. Poop a picture of our new abode.

Looks pretty good compared to the original though right?

But evidently the Universe didn't think my artwork is good enough because the gift from our realtor, sitting on the shelf the day we closed, was this picture of the house, drawn by a professional.

Ok, I readily admit it is better, but mine was drawn with love and colored with crayons.

And since then we've had the house re-sided, and it looks completely different.


Damino said...

It's a beautiful house. We're in the middle of renovations like you've done and it's a massive pain in the ass. Haven't had a functional kitchen since Thanksgiving, with no end in sight.

Paul said...

We didn't really do anything major to the inside but we had like a week of two separate crews on the outside of our home with trucks and equipment.
A major pain like Damon Wayans but worth it once it's done.
Strangers have driven up/walked by when I've been outside and told me how much they like it and how they spent 10, 20, 30 years staring at the same old paint.

Damino said...

It really looks terrific Paul. Honestly our house sold for like $300k less than it would have if it had been in presentable shape. We don't have 300k to put into it, but we're spending maybe half that amount and draining our savings to make it as nice as we can afford, and maybe in the future we'll do siding like you guys did. In the meantime we just had the outside painted to make it look nicer for the next 5 years or so.