Sunday, November 08, 2015

Great Way to Spend a Saturday

And if I took a picture now, 24 hours later, it would be back to what it looked like "before"


ton said...

Yeah, I did something similar. It was like 4 hours....the first 2.5 was me raking, and the kids going apeshit in the leaves and having fun...then another 1.5 to redo it all and finish while they were inside.

Paul said...

I did this while they weren't home. Although when I did the front with them, they actually were helpful. Until Julian broke a rake.
I have a new plan this year: mow the grassy parts (the mower mulches the leaves) and use the leaf blower on all other parts. And just blow it out to the street and let the town pick it all up. As opposed to explicitly following the rules and bagging up anything that fell more than 10 feet from the curb.