Saturday, November 07, 2015

Weekly Picks

I've been in this weird run lately where I've been winning or losing all my 1pm games, and then I do the opposite in the later games. Had a good start, then lost 3 in a row. Maybe having too much confidence in the Jets. Well if you think I have too much confidence in the Jets...keep reading.

NEW ENGLAND -13 1/2 washington
I hate to do this. I really do. But I think the Patriots are just pounding people and I think the Redskins are really that bad, and likely to get pounded. The only problem with doing this, is there is probably a good chance of double misery, the Redskins losing, but by less than 13 and a half.

PITTSBURGH -4 1/2 oakland
Maybe the Raiders really are as good as everyone says. But I don't think so, not yet. I think the Steelers with Roethlisberger will score enough to beat the Raiders.

miami +3 BUFFALO
Apparently all the excitement about Dan Campbell wore off thanks to one ass-whupping from the Patriots. But the Bills aren't the Patriots and the Dolphins do seem to be much improved.

SAN DIEGO -4 chicago
I know both of these teams are horrible underachievers, and even though the Chargers lost last week, they hung tough and won against-the-spread. I expect Philip Rivers to put a lot of points on the board.

NEW YORK JETS -7 1/2 jacksonville
Ok, so I blew it with the Jets last week. But it's possible my thesis is still correct: The Jets are a decent team with a strong running game. But they need Ryan Fitzpatrick. Once he got hurt and Geno Smith came in I knew my hopes were done for. The Jags are not a good team and Jets should pound them easily.

Last week: 2-3 (1 point)
Season: 23-17 (23 points)
Best Bets: 0-1 (4-4)
Home Favorites: 0-0 (8-5)
Home Underdogs: 0-0 (1-1)
Road Favorites: 1-3 (10-10)
Road Underdogs: 1-0 (4-1)

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