Thursday, June 22, 2006

SNY's Sexy Seductress

Julie Donaldson is the hot host of "Mets Weekly" on SportsNet New York. Two weeks ago she so disgustingly threw herself at David Wright during his charity golf event, I actually had to call Mrs. Poop over to watch it and make sure I wasn't imagining it. Julie bragged about her golf game, and her bowling game, doing everything short of saying "I'm good with a long stick and big balls."

this picture is quite stunning, maybe it's her eyes

I haven't seen her on Mets Weekly since but I think that's just because they did the show on location from Philly last week with Siafa Lewis.

Before landing her Mets gig, Julie was a pageant queen, winning Miss Florida USA in 2001.

with another year's winner
there she is, Miss Florida USA

Julie then hosted a show called "Softball 360" on Fox Sports Net, as well as"Healthy Body Healthy Mind" on PBS. She certainly seemed to learned something during her time on that show.


After that Julie worked for the Miami Heat as the host of "Heat TV."

Her responsibilities for Heat TV required her to wear stripper boots... host events... get in the dunk tank while wearing a white wifebeater... roll with Spongebob...
...and to score one for the kids

laughing Julie
this pic is most inline with her current look on SNY


Anonymous said...

jesus. i am hard right now just thinking about her.

Anonymous said...

you call your wife mrs. poop? You are a chauvenistic bastard. I hope your wife leaves you.