Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Best Football Player to Get Away With Murder Since OJ Simpson

A great article in GQ explains how former Syracuse and Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison got away with murder.

It's a long article so I'll summarize it. Marvin Harrison owns several businesses in North Philly including a bar called Playmakers and Chuckie's Car Wash. When Dwight Dixon was denied entrance to Playmakers, he took the insult personally. Eventually he was denied service at the car wash, the bar again, and when he tried to get a car wash for the second time, Harrison shot him. Dixon didn't die then, but he was killed later, probably at Harrison's request.

Despite having what seemed like an open and shut case against Harrison including eyewitnesses, physical evidence and incriminating statements from Harrison himself, the DA elected not to pursue, not wanting to have her career ruined by being wrong in such a high-profile case.

Read the whole article, and the update that the DA is considering reopening this case.

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RZR said...

OJ Simpson is innocent! I feel very strongly about this for many different reasons which I won't go into.