Friday, January 29, 2010

No Underscores Anywhere

Here's another story about protecting yourself online so I once again refer to the Poop's resident paranoid internet user, Mrs. Poop's mom.
She assigned Poppy an e-mail address full of underscores to ward off spam. It also wards off friends who can never remember the damn underscores.
But she deftly uses underscores in her passwords as well, something maybe most of us should try.

According to a new study, too many people have passwords that are way too obvious for hackers to figure out. About 20% of us use one of the 5,000 most common passwords. 5,000 may seem like a lot, but for a computer program running them repeatedly, it doesn't take long to try 5,000 possibilities.

The most popular passwords are 123456, 12345 and 123456789. In 4th place the incredibly idiotic: password.


RZR said...

I take issue with #24 (0) - I don't know of any website or application that would accept a 1-digit password.

Amber Freed said...

I am leaving a general comment that I made the Top 3 of Favored Poopheads...I am SO HONORED!!! I am putting this on my resume!!!

First the Grammys, now this? I am positive that life can't get much better!!!