Friday, January 29, 2010

This Story Has It All: Grammar and Boobies

Two strippers facing prostitution charges are trying to use grammar to get them off. Hey, it gets me off. Porn star Alexia Moore and Falynn Rodriguez were dancing at Big Daddy Lou's Hot Lap Dance Club when they reportedly offered an undercover cop a threesome for $5,000.
The charges against them say that they did "engage, offer and agree" to acts of prostitution.
But the law actually says "engage, offer or agree" and since they didn't actually engage in the acts they claim the charges against them are invalid.
And if that doesn't work, they're going to try a lesbian defense.
These claims or some combination thereof worked as a judge dismissed the charges.

Here is the video cops shot during their raid that led to these arrests. Which one of these strippers is not like the others?

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Bill said...

hilarious story, terrible judicial result. love the video