Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Funniest Moment of Chase's Life

Chase was given, by Step on Me, cars from "Cars" that change color when really cold, and change back when really hot. And they don't change at room temperature so if you put McQueen, Doc Hudson and Ramone in the freezer, they stay that color until they get hit with hot water.
Mrs. Poop was lent, by her friend, a baby scale to track Julian's weight, especially important during the first few weeks when he was not gaining enough.
Mem was visiting, and she loves to take pictures.
Ok, now the stage is set for the funniest moment of Chase's life.
Mrs. Poop weighed Julian, then fed him, then weighed him again to show her parents the difference, you can literally see that he ate 2 or 3 ounces.
While Julian was naked on the scale, Mem thought it a great opportunity for a picture.
Julian thought it a great opportunity to urinate all over.

Now that's pretty funny. Funnier still, Chase's color change cars were in the line of fire, and when doused with Julian's hot pee they changed color.
Now I wasn't there for this, but I am told Chase laughed long and hard about this. When I got home, and during subsequent retellings of the story, this is Chase's version:

"Julian was on the scale, and they were scaling him and he peed. And we laughed. Like this 'ha ha ha ha ha ha'".

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ton said...

I loved that story the first, second, and now third time! Just hope that next year, you don't find Chase holding your TV remote out, while Julian pees on it, trying to make it change color.