Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 5

It was the Best of Favre, It Was the Worst of Favre
This was the week when you really found out why Brett Favre is such a compelling figure. Like him or hate him (most everyone hates at this point) you just had to watch. Yes, he cheated on his wife, and tried to bang Jenn Sterger and is pretty much the same piece of shit scumbag we expect every athlete to be. But, you still wanted to see how he would perform.
In a rain-soaked first half the Vikings had about 50 yards of offense while punting 5 times and fumbling once. The trailed 12-0 when Favre turned it on. Then on three out of 4 possessions he hit Randy Moss for a 37-yard touchdown, then Harvin for 34 and 11-yard touchdowns, bringing the Vikings to within 22-20.
And just when you thought Favre was going to do it again, another amazing performance, on a Monday Night no less, he throws another interception, it's returned for a touchdown and good night Vikings.

Who Needs Quarterbacks Anyway?
No bigger mistake is made by gamblers than picking against NFL teams who lose their quarterbacks. This week three teams were starting backups, different starters than last week, all three were underdogs and all 3 won. Max Hall for the Cardinals was the biggest story since he was an undrafted free agent in April, and in October he's beating the Super Bowl champs. Kevin Kolb played well enough to beat the 49ers, but probably not well enough to keep his old job when Michael Vick comes back.
And then there's Todd Collins. Perhaps an asterisk is needed here. He was 6 for 16 with 32 yards and 4 interceptions. And he was the winning QB. Thankfully for him Matt Forte ran for two touchdowns and Carolina's Jimmy Clausen was almost as bad.

SUH-per Play
An amazing tip and interception (and underwhelming dance) by the next great defensive player in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh.

I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good
The Redskins got back the win they blew in week 2 against the Texans. The Packers butchered this one almost as bad, and the Skins took a 16-13 overtime win. The Redskins did almost nothing until Donovan McNabb hit his new favorite deep threat, Anthony Armstrong for a 48-yard touchdown. Then it seemed neither team wanted to win as the kickers missed three field goals in the fourth quarter and overtime before Graham Gano finally nailed one after Laron Landry's interception set the Redskins up in great field position. Another mediocre/bad performance by Donovan McNabb except this time instead of getting out early and blowing the lead, McNabb made plays to lead his team back.

Ok, Maybe This is a Rule That Needs to be Changed
Normally I am of the attitude that if a rule is on the books, you have to abide by it. And in most cases those rules are on the books for a good reason, and shouldn't be changed. But the one that hurt the Dallas Cowboys in their loss to the Titans maybe is a little too strict. The rule forbids touchdown celebrations from ending with a player on the ground. So when Jason Witten scored to tie the game at 27, he gave the ball to Mark Columbo to spike. Then they did a flying chest bump, which ended with Columbo on the ground, and the refs penalizing the Cowboys 15 yards. The ensuing kickoff was fielded at the 16 (maybe would have come up just short of end zone) and take all the way to the Dallas 5, setting up Chris Johnson for the easy game-winning score.

Mark Columbo's spike was part of the celebration that cost the Cowboys 15 yards

Pictures of the Week
It sure was raining hard during that Vikings-Jets game.

she gets so wet

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