Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brett Favre Sends Pictures of His Dick to Jenn Sterger

We all love Jenn Sterger. We did the moment we laid eyes on her gigantic boobs when she was just a college student at Florida State letting her boobs hang out for the cameras to try to get noticed.

Well, it worked, she turned that 5 second shot during an FSU game into a career. That career led her to work as a sideline reporter (sort of) for the New York Jets.
It was during that time that Brett Favre noticed what all of had seen for years.
He asked the Jets PR guy to get him her number. He did. Favre then called and invited Sterger to his hotel room. He left her MySpace messages. And he sent her pictures of his cock.

Brett Favre did not score with Jenn Sterger

If you want to see the entire story in 2 minutes check out the video made by Deadspin, which broke this story. I stress 2 minutes, because if you watch for more than 2 minutes you will see Brett Favre's cock. Or at least it somebody's cock. We think it's Brett Favre's because we're pretty sure it is his voice on the voice messages. And we're pretty sure the watch he's wearing in one of the pictures is the same watch he wore during one of his retirement press conferences.

So I guess the point is Brett Favre is a scumbag. Jenn Sterger is good for not taking him up on his offer but bad for sharing the story and the pictures and voicemails with Deadspin. I believe every word and I am not the least bit surprised.

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