Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 4

Revenge is Sweet
The big story in the NFL this week is unquestionably the return of Donovan McNabb to Philadelphia. McNabb got a warm greeting from the fans at first which was nice, but got booed once the game started, which was expected. McNabb completed only 8 passes, but two of those were big ones, a 31-yarder TD to Chris Cooley, and a 56-yarder to Anthony Armstrong which would have been a TD had it been better thrown and Armstrong didn't fall down. He did get one more cheer from the crowd, when he overthrew a wide open Fred Davis. All week McNabb tried to downplay how badly he wanted revenge. Even in the postgame interview he told Pam Oliver it was all about team. But FOX had cameras in the locker room. He got the game ball and he did talk about the team, but he did let this slip "everybody makes mistakes, and they made a big one last year." Glad he's angry, I wish he had played better but I'm thrilled we won.

Karma Bites
Very seldom does anything I wish to happen actually happen. So seeing Michael Vick walk off the field with an injury and not return was a welcome sight for me. I just wish Jeffrey Lurie would have come down from the owner's box and done to Vick what Vick used to do to injured dogs. Pick him up and slam him into the ground, or against a wall until he died.

A Long Way To Go
The Redskins are tied for first place, and with a 2-0 division record they have a leg up on the Eagles and Giants. But there are still a lot of problems with this team. Once again, they built a big lead and couldn't add to it. Forget about scoring more points, they couldn't even make a first down to keep the Eagles off the field. And the defense was atrocious. Kolb was killing them with screens to McCoy and Celek and stupid Jim Haslett stuck with his zone defense which was getting picked apart. If Vick hadn't been hurt the Redskins lose. If the Eagles avoided a few other mistakes, penalties (dumb one at the end of the first half) and the like, the Redskins lose that game. And now we have an even bigger problem, the schedule gets tougher.

Next Week's Revenge
The Redskins play the Green Bay Packers and I hope we continue to avenge the mistreatment of animals by getting revenge on the owner of this dog for forcing it to wear a ridiculous cheesehead.

Great Fuckin Play By Roddy White
For years Don Beebe has been praised (rightfully so) for his play in the Super Bowl where he chased Leon Lett and stripped the ball right before Lett scored. That was a nice play, but it meant the Bills lost by 35 instead of 42. Roddy White made a similar play (click here to watch) but this one actually saved a game.
Nate Clements intercepted a pass with a minute-30 left in the game and the 49ers up by 1. He decided to run the ball back and was stripped. An incredible play by White is the difference between being 3-1 and 2-2.

Giants and Jets Bring the Pain
A good day for the New York teams as the Jets destroyed the Buffalo Bills 38-17. The Giants dominated the Bears 17-3, sacking Jay Cutler 9 times in the first half alone before knocking him out with a concussion. The Giants still look weak in spots, but the Jets are dominating and they should have beaten the Ravens and Week 1 and be undefeated right now.

The Last Unbeaten
Raise your hands if you had the Kansas City Chiefs being the last team with a zero in the loss column. The Bears and Steelers losing gives the idle Chiefs that title which they will lose next week on the road against the Colts.

Three Late Field Goals
The Jaguars, Saints and Falcons all kicked late field goals to win games. All of these results are puzzling to me. Shouldn't the Falcons and Saints have done more than eke out victories over the 49ers and Panthers? And what the hell is wrong with the Colts. They can't stop anyone, especially not on the ground. The Saints and Colts have a lot of work to do before they get back to the Super Bowl.

Picture of the Week
Interesting celebration between Correll Buckhalter and Daniel Graham. Looks like Buckhalter is sucking his dick, and Graham is gently guiding the back of his head.

looks like Correll Buckhalter is giving Daniel Graham a blow job

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