Thursday, October 07, 2010

One of the Most Historic Nights in Baseball History...and I Missed It

While Roy Halladay was making baseball history by pitching a no-hitter in his first playoff start, I was at Chase's preschool listening to Miss Rosanne prattle on about her methods of teaching children to play with toys.
While she was pointing at us with her crooked finger (so freaky) Roy Halladay was joining Don Larsen as the only two pitchers to pitch no-hitters in a the playoffs.

Note: Larsen had two big things over Halladay: his was a perfect game, and it came in the World Series.

Halladay also becomes only the 5th pitcher in history to pitch two no-hitters in the same year. He joins Nolan Ryan, Virgil Truck and Johnny Vander Meer.

Note: Vander Meer pitched his no-hitters in consecutive games. That's the most unbreakable record in all of sports. No way anyone ever pitches three no-hitters in a row.

2010 could go down as the best year ever for no-hitters. Halladay's no-no was only the 6th this year (1990 & 1991 both had 7, including two on the same day) but this season had two perfect games and a playoff no-hitter. And it comes in a hitter's era.

This reminds me of something that happened 24 years ago. Master Bates and I were at Back to School Night and Wagner High School for Poop On Me during Game 6 of the 1986 NLCS, often called the best game ever played. The principal, Ralph Musco was giving updates, and eventually we went home with a neighbor to catch the game starting in the 14th.

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