Sunday, October 03, 2010

This is What You Get When You Ignore Rules Prohibiting Fraternization

Jacksonville Jaguars player Kassim Osgood was pistol whipped by an intruder, an ex-boyfriend of his current girlfriend, Mackenzie Putnal.
Osgood is 30, Putnal is 19, and a ROAR Jaguars cheerleader. Their relationship violates NFL rules against players and cheerleaders dating, but that's the least of their problems.
Osgood and Putnal were watching TV in her parents house. The ex, Julian (that's unfortunate) Bartletto barged in with a gun and said "I can't believe you're with this guy."

Mackenzie Putnal isn't really hot enough to have an NFL boyfriend or a homocidal jealous ex
He pistol whipped them both and somehow in the struggle Osgood was able to get alone in a room. He barricaded the door with a chair then jumped out the window, onto the balcony and down to safety.
That left his girlfriend alone with the gunman. Somehow she was able to get a gun of her own. She shot at him, he shot at her, they both missed and somehow everyone came out unharmed.
Except for the dog, he got pistol-whipped too.
Except for their relationship, I can't imagine Putnal can feel safe in the arms of a guy fled the scene, leaving her behind to defend herself against an armed intruder.
Except for Bartletto who faces several charges including battery, burglarly and violating a restraining order.
And especially harmed in all this are the NFL rules. Although pretty much every NFL cheerleader would be willing to give up her low-paying job (roughly $50 a game) for the chance to fuck an NFL baller, maybe get pregnant, maybe get married.
Hey, it worked for Christy Cooley. This hot piece of ass got fired from the Redskinettes for fucking Chris Cooley, now she is the star of the NFL's ad campaign to market licensed apparel to women.

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