Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hopefully I'll Have One of My Own Someday

Took a picture this morning with 2010 World Series of Poker Champion Jonathan Duhamel and his bracelet.

He was a very nice guy and the first thing I said to him was "I have a sick bad beat story to tell you." He looked kind of surprised and then I told him I was just kidding. He laughed and said he was surprised because he doesn't really get that a lot. He expected to be bombarded with bad beat stories.
Other interesting notes from our conversation:
-He doesn't know how much he actually took home. But the casino automatically withholds 30% for U.S. taxes, then, he has Canadian taxes to pay, which are higher because he is a professional, not an amateur. All told he will pay about $4m of his $9m in taxes.

-He sold a 1% piece to his best friend for $100. That guy now has $90,000.

-He gave me an autographed hat

-My blackberry takes awful pictures. I might need to start carrying a real camera

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