Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Are Test Drives Overrated?

We are in the process of buying a new car and everyone is saying how important it is that we drive it first. I know that sounds like a good idea and it’s like Golden’s chicken soup (it couldn’t hurt), but I just don’t see the major benefit. I can’t imagine anything I would discover in a 5-minute ride that none of the previous owners or testers hadn’t already discovered. And what could it be that would be unusual to me, that would influence me not to like the car? I could see if I were buying a tiny sports car I wouldn’t fit in. I am not very particular about things where I might object to the feel of the floor mats beneath my feet or the temperature of the air conditioning.

I will do a test drive, but I can’t imagine noticing anything during a test drive that would make me not want to buy the car, or to convince me to buy it.


Scott said...

What if it was the most uncomfortable ride in the world? Not enough leg room? That kind of stuff... you have to do it. You shouldn't let a fat car buff tell you if you're going to like the ride or not.

Juice said...

i miss the concierge....this is right up his is everything else

Paul said...

If the Conch were still alive he'd storm into the dealership posing as me and get us $5000 off.