Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 11

This is the End
The Vikings fired Brad Childress for starting the season 3-7, but his biggest sin was sending a group of players to Mississippi to recruit Brett Favre for one more season. This team was really good last year and about the only difference is the play of Favre. And now it turns out Brett Favre may head for the hills also. I personally think Favre will hang on for 6 more games though to maintain his string of consecutive starts. No matter what happens though, coming back this season has permanently disgraced Favre’s name and legacy.

Are the Cowboys 3-7 or 2-0?
We know Wade Phillips is a bad coach but it couldn’t have been all his fault, could it? Two games is a little too early to give all the credit to Jason Garrett, but if he can win two games with Jon Kitna, he must be doing something right.

Maybe Big Ben Was Talking to His Daughter Before the Game
Richard Seymour delivered an open-handed slap to the face of Ben Roethlisberger. Apparently he was talking some kind of trash to him and Seymour said it was a natural reaction. They could have used Seymour to be a little tougher before he got ejected. They were down 20-3 at that point and ended up losing 35-3. And he got fined $25,000 by the league office. But at least we learned the Raiders are total pretenders who won 3 in a row against inferior competition.

Cardiac Kids
The Jets last four wins have all come on last second scores, against weak teams (Broncos, Browns, Lions and Texans). Either this bodes well because Mark Sanchez is proving he can make plays to win games or it bodes poorly because they can’t put away bad teams and will have trouble when the competition stiffens.

Vince Young is a Big Baby
Vince Young is a talented player who had a great college career. But since turning pro every time something didn't go his way he acted like a spoiled child. The most memorable incident is when he left his house with a gun, leading others to believe he was suicidal. His mom was so worried she called the team. But Young later played off the entire incident as a misunderstanding. There's no misunderstanding what he did Sunday against the Redskins. Young hurt his thumb during the game, and when he warmed up to try to come back in coach Jeff Fisher said his throws were inaccurate. He elected not to bring Young back, and the Titans lost. After the game he threw his shoulders pads into the stands. Then he reportedly muttered under his breath during Fisher's postgame speech. That led to a huge blowout between them. Young is angry that Fisher didn't have the confidence in him to bring him back. Fisher is angry that Young is a spoiled brat. The Titans held a team meeting to discuss Young's future, and Young was told not to attend. He's been put on IR. The Titans owe him $8.5m for next season (if there is a next season) but I think Tennessee will either get rid of Young or get rid of Fisher.

The Best Day of the Year
If you are a football fan the best day of the year is Thanksgiving. This year’s games are terrible, all 3 have a discrepancy of at least 4 wins between the two teams. New England should kill Detroit in the opener, the Jets will likely beat the Bengals on a last second play in the nightcap but the middle game could be meaty. If the Cowboys are really rejuvenated under Jason Garrett they could give the Saints a hard time at home.

If The Super Bowl Were Played Today
You’d have to say New England and Philadelphia would be in it. And in this rematch I could see the Eagles winning. Michael Vick obviously is not going to play the way he did against the Redskins every week. But he did more than enough against a much better Giants defense to win the game, though he had a lot of help from Eli Manning.

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