Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wu-Tang Is the Second Best Musical Group To Come Out of Staten Island

"Tender Love" by the Force MDs is one of the classic R&B songs of the 1980s. Enjoy the video, which looks like it was shot a few doors down on the same block where they used to shoot the fabulous Marla Gibbs comedy "227" (notice the 239 on the door).

While listening to the song on youtube, I noticed several cover versions (none of which stand up to the original) by Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and Uncle Sam (with Boyz II Men on background).

So I went to the group's Wikipedia page to see if there are any other notable cover versions I should be aware of. Instead I learned the group was formed in Staten Island, and they used to sing for money on the Staten Island Ferry.


Juice said...

great post...

ton said...

At some point in time, when someone finally gets around to pressing the button that wipes Staten Island off the face of the earth, they may discover this post, and reconsider...just for a second though.