Sunday, April 15, 2007

Melo's House

It's hard competing with LeBron's mansion but Melo's Denver home is pretty sweet.

I wonder how much cooking he actually does in this kitchen.

A pretty cool room in which to play video games. Nothing says class like a half-nekkid picture of your wife over the doorway.

Basketball court in the house. Melo from way downtown, bang!

And he also has a batting cage. Apparently he could have played baseball in college too.

Melo's home theater.

Now that's a lot of hats and sneakers. This looks like Mariah Carey's closet.

Nice robe dude.

Evidently, this is LaLa's room. There's a nice picture of her and no TV. This room definitely has a woman's touch.

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amber said...

OMG!!! Carmello's house is located on a lake along with a country club. Mark and I are looking at joining that country club. I told the guest relations woman that the only way I would consider joining is if I can take a paddle boat over and explore and they said yes!!!! I will try to go sometime when I know he is traveling so I don't go to jail. Or, I will go during a party and just join in. I will send in pictures.