Thursday, February 04, 2010

LSD No-Hitter: Urban Legend or Baseball History?

One of the greatest urban legends of all-time is the story of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis saying he threw his 1970 no-hitter while high on LSD.
I have always rejected this story but baseball people take it as fact.
A new video takes Ellis's own description of that day and adds an animated imagining of what Ellis must have been seeing that day.

There is no way his story is true. Possible theories include: he was so high he thought it was the same day but it really was one day or two days after he dropped acid that he pitched the no-hitter. Or maybe like David Wells he just exaggerated and instead of recanting like Wells he kept adding on his own lie until he believed it himself. Or he made the whole thing up so he would be remembered.


jleary said...

Not sure I believe it either, but it does make a great story. "I made a touchdown"

The real question is what is he doing at his friends girlfriends house? There was no mention of his friend being there too

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Bill said...

very amusing