Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Breaking Bad's Genuis Extends to Marketing

Not only is "Breaking Bad" the best show on television, the show's producers are now extending their genius to marketing.
It all started when someone at WeatherProof noticed President Obama wearing one of the company's coats on a trip to China.
WeatherProof bought the rights to use the picture from the Associated Press and pasted it on two giant billboards in Times Square.
The ad attracted a lot of attention because it featured the President and used his image without his permission.
The White House asked the company to take it down but since Obama would almost never sue over this WeatherProof kept the ad up for at least a month even though legally had it been sued it almost certainly would have lost the case.
And that's where "Breaking Bad" comes in.
The show took advantage of this publicity stunt and put a billboard near the WeatherProof one featuring Walter White (Bryan Cranston) photoshopped into the same picture of the Great Wall of China, in the President's place.
It also doctored several other key elements of the WeatherProof billboard all of which will hopefully bring attention to the premiere of the show's third season on March 21.


Juice said...

Didn't even know you watched BB....awesome show...

Bill said...