Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mama Poop is Gonna Plotz

I have made an agreement with two other Syracuse alums at my office that if SU wins the national title this year we will all get the "Family Forever" tattoo Andy Rautins has on his side.

It's called an ambigram, when viewed one way it reads family, from the other side it spells forever.

I think Mama Poop would kill me but maybe she wouldn't mind if I got the Canadian Maple Leaf. If you've ever watched a Syracuse game you know Rautins played for the Canadian National team and was coached by his father Leo.

Andy Rautins maple leaf tattoo

Then there's is Rautins's other tattoo, "Andrius" on his arm, which evidently is the Lithuanian form of Andrew.

Andy Rautins Andrius tattoo


jleary said...

I was probably going to pull for them in the tourney anyway since PSU bball is pathetic and Ive always liked Cuse...but now i certainly am to see if you actually follow thru on this

Juice said...


Then, GO ORANGE!!!...