Saturday, February 06, 2010

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Why pick the spread and the over/under when so much more is available for the Super Bowl? Here's the best bets from the long list of prop bets available from bodog.

The first 1st down in the game will happen on a Pass or Run play?
Passing Play (First 1st Down) -180
Rushing Play (First 1st Down) +150

Both of these teams will come out passing and stay passing. The first first down of the game will likely come on the first play, Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark for 12 yards.

What will be the result of the first coaches challenge in the game?
Play Overturned -115
Play Stands -115

Way fewer than half of challenges are overturned. I can't believe we are getting even money for this.

Total number of pass interceptions made in the game by both teams
Over/Under (Total Pass Interceptions) 2½
Over +160
Under -200

The odds are rightfully against a high number of interceptions here but too many times we see great quarterbacks have bad games. We could even see both guys play well and still combine for three interceptions. The extra juice makes the over attractive.

Will there be a lead change in the second half
Yes (Lead Change 2H) +140
No (Lead Change 2H) -170

I think this will be a close game so I'm expecting the lead to change hands in the second half, probably more than once.

Total points scored by both teams
0-7 Points (Both Teams) 500/1
8-14 Points (Both Teams) 100/1
15-20 Points (Both Teams) 40/1
21-25 Points (Both Teams) 30/1
26-30 Points (Both Teams) 18/1
31-35 Points (Both Teams) 12/1
36-40 Points (Both Teams) 10/1
41-45 Points (Both Teams) 7/1
46-50 Points (Both Teams) 6/1
51-55 Points (Both Teams) 6/1
56-60 Points (Both Teams) 6/1
61-65 Points (Both Teams) 7/1
66-70 Points (Both Teams) 8/1
71-75 Points (Both Teams) 12/1
76-80 Points (Both Teams) 15/1
81 or more Points (Both Teams) 5/1

I think the chances are excellent this game will be in the 50s. So I am taking both 51-55 and 56-60 at 6 to 1 each.

Will the Game Total Be Odd or Even
Odd (Game Total) -135
Even (Game Total) +105

Not sure why odd seems more likely but I'll take even.

How long will it take Carrie Underwood to sing the National Anthem? Clock starts as soon as Underwood sings first Note and Stops when she sings her last note.
Over 1 Minute and 42 Seconds EVEN
Under 1 Minute and 42 Seconds -130

She just doesn't seem like the type to drag out her moment with long oversung notes. I expect a cool efficient performance from Ms. Underwood. And I also expect excessive promotion of her upcoming appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" from Jim Nantz who recently did a guest spot of his own.

a sneak peak of Carrie Underwood's appearance on How I Met Your Mother
Jim Nantz on How I Met Your Mother

What Color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

Lime Green 10/1
Yellow 5/6
Orange 11/2
Red 8/1
Blue 25/2
Clear/Water 37/20

Yellow is the safe bet here but as the odds-on favorite its not worth the risk. Taking into account the odds you have to go with orange here.

Les Miles doused with Gatorade

Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the Game thank first? Wager is on Interview done with the Super Bowl MVP on field during the Trophy Presentation only.
God 3/2
Family 8/1
Teammates 1/1
Coach 12/1
Does not Thank Anyone 23/10

Drew Brees and Peyton Manning aren't Jesus people so God doesn't seem likely here. I'm betting on family but I could see other options (Brees - New Orleans fans, Manning - teammates) or if some wildcard MVP is selected we don't know what he will say. Plus couldn't God just take action on God then give someone the strength to win the MVP? And what if it's Jesus, does that count as God, or is he someone else entirely?

How Many Times will CBS announcers fully mention Hurricane Katrina during the game? Wager is on the number of times announcers specifically say - Hurricane Katrina - during the Game (from kick off until final whistle).
Over/Under 2 1/2
Over -190
Under +155

I don't think the oddsmakers considered that Jim Nantz is doing this game and he loves cheesy shit like this. Plus with Nantz I don't think we are at risk of him saying "Katrina" he's the type of tightass who will say Hurricane Katrina every time.

How Many Times will CBS show Kim Kardashian on TV during the Game? Wager is on the number of times Kim Kardashian will appear on TV during the Game (from kick off until final whistle). Live pictures only, Any Taped Pictures or Past Video does not count towards wager.
Over/Under 2 1/2
Over -125
Under -105

If Reggie Bush scores we will see at least three distinct shots of Kim Kardashian. Sometimes they tone this type of thing down for the Super Bowl so this is iffy but I am going over.

Note: you can also bet on the number of times they will show Archie Manning, Eli Manning or Tony Dungy.

What color top will Kim Kardashian be wearing at the Super Bowl? Wager is on color of top and not on jacket if seperate top and jacket are shown.
Black 4/7
White 13/4
Any Other Color 7/4

I think there is a good chance of her going with a black jacket and white top and since the odds are favorable for white, I'll bet on white. Plus, we know she loves black in her bottom, not in her top.

Will they show a replay of Tom Benson celebrating the missed field goal against Tampa Bay from the regular season?
Yes +250
No -325

No TV producer worth his salt would pass up the chance to show this awesome video to 150 million people.


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